Saturday, July 7, 2007

Were in Glacier National Park, the tempature is 70's. We did the hike to the hidden lake which is a three hour hike 2 hours and 45 minutes of it is all hiking threw snow. It's the first time I have ever touched or had a snowball fight in July. We saw some mountain goats (sorry, we didn't get any pictures of them because the camera battery died) and some columbian ground squirrels (which was funny becase one had a home in a rock that had a overhang to keep it out of the rain a porch to look out at the trail and plants in front of the hole. So I hope your enjoying your weather and put out another post soon.

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The Allards said...

Hi Kellers!

We missed you for the 4th. Manassas wasn't too hot and the rain threatened but didn't materialize. Bob & Marge came over and we went into Old Town for the street festival. Sam & I rode a wagon pulled by a tractor and we saw mounted police - Sam was in awe of the huge horses. Then we came back and did some grilling! We'll have to have you guys down for a BBQ when you get back.

The crape myrtle in front of your house is full of blooms - it must love the tropical weather we're having! It's pretty wicked today - enjoy the weather you're having! ;-)

We miss you guys. Sam goes with me to feed Bubbles and he can't seem to figure out why there is no one home (especially Daisy & Miss Paula - the source of the crackers!). I miss having you to talk to Paula!

The blog is awesome - Jonathon is doing a great job! Take good notes - we'll be coming to you for suggestions when we start roadtripping with our boys. ;-)

Safe travels!

- Karen, Chris, Sam, Joey & Matt