Friday, July 20, 2007

Plum Creek Photos

Evening sunshine on Plum Creek. Laura would have played right here in this place.

A view of the tableland Laura and Mary climbed with Pa.

On the tableland, this is what they would have seen.

Paula in the creek.

A view of the creek

Two little girls all dressed up for watching the pageant.

The actual depression in the dirt where the dugout stood.

Aaron and Jonathan in the creek.

The footbridge over Plum Creek.


webbrl said...

Hello! Thanks for sharing these photos. I'm planning a return trip to Plum Creek this summer to search for the Tableland, Wonderful House site, and swimming hole. Are you sure this is the Tableland? Laura wrote that you can see the swimming hole from it...

Paula said...

I don't know for sure! I told my boys that because they wanted to get out of there, but I actually think it's further down and around the bend of the creek. It was impossible for us to go on down at that point, but I was itching to explore. Enjoy your return trip and if you find the elusive spot, come back and tell me about it!

webbrl said...

Blog post on the elusive spot:

webbrl said...

Now I'm gonna try making it a link: Elusive spot.

Paula said...

I saw that blog a while back and fell into it like the swimming hole. I so enjoyed the aerial views and wanted to drive right back out for my own bushwhacking experience. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of a great site.