Friday, July 27, 2007

A loaf and a jug

Rolling across Kansas a few weeks ago, we were taken with the scenery, a little surprised at first that the state would be rolling hillsides and then a little bored when the hills flattened out to dead straight prairies. We had brought along a book which told what to expect at each exit on the major highways, but here wasn't a whole lot showing up at the exits in western Kansas. I, as I so often have to do on long trips, needed to visit the girl's room, but where might one be??? Well, we cruised over the border into Colorado and one of the first exits we saw was for a little place called Flagler and a gas station called the Loaf and Jug! I couldn't get over that name, how Biblical it sounded, as if we were crossing into the promised land to be met by a loaf of bread and a jug of timely! We just weren't prepared for the other pilgrims who were in need of the same things as we and had to wait in line behind a family of, oh, about 16 PEOPLE!!!! But, in the end, our needs were met and we purchased drinks and loaves or get us to Colorado Springs.

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