Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

We're rolling through the wheatfields of Montana, seeing what truly is the breadbasket of this country. The hills are to our north and on either side of us, are irrigation systems, green fields, and ranches. It's absolutely beautiful! Ranches here are so big, that the houses can't even be seen from the road.

Just crossed the Missouri River and have seen trucks carrying innertubes, folks headed out for July 4th picnics. We will celebrate by doing what we do best, driving. We hope to arrive in Glacier by 7pm. We heard from fellow travelers who had just come from GNP that night time temps were in the 30s. It can't be much colder than what we just experienced at Yellowstone, with the state low temperature of 37. That makes for some cold camping! Fortunately, we will be staying at the Swift Current Motor Inn. No need to make nighttime forays to the bath house, keeping an eye peeled for wild animals...Yay!

We hope you all have a happy and safe 4th. Grill a hotdog or two for us:-)


schulerlemons said...

Hi Paul, John and guys,
I am really enjoying your travel blog... such a great trip you are having... safe travels.
love, Mary and Keith

Daddypundit said...

Hey Paula,
Did you get my Bert Bauer text msg?
"Happy 4th of July" You just can't make it sound right via text.