Saturday, September 10, 2016

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

#EmptyNestAdventures is the new soundtrack in this household, despite the fact that, even though we are indeed empty nesters, we still have responsibilities here at home and traveling is a side item.  But that doesn't stop us from dreaming of new trips and reminiscing of the old ones.

Once we dropped 3# son off at Tech, ate the enormous hamburger, we headed up the road a bit to Pipestem State Park.  Years ago, when I was pregnant with #3 son, we stayed in the lodge there and the following summer when 3# son was cruising the furniture, we rented a rustic (very rustic) cabin for a week.  So, my husband suggested we return and kind of close a circle.

I have to say I was sorely disappointed at the state of the lodge.  Our room was ok, the view was spectacular, but the lodge itself was run down and in a state of aging disrepair.  In some ways it was sweet since the game room had the SAME GAMES that were in place 18 years ago and I could look back over the years and remember how much the boys enjoyed playing there.  But needs an update.

After the big lunch we had, we weren't all that interested in dinner but checked out the facilities and the prices anyway, just for the info.  29$$ for the buffet.  No way, no how was I spending that so we made other plans and went for a walk on the golf course.  It had been raining....pouring actually, but it had stopped leaving the air cool and misty.  No one was about, just us, the deer, and a lone turkey which Ramblin Man tried to cozy up to.  I have video somewhere.

I'm glad we went.  I can't imagine going again but the hills are always beautiful and the sunset after the rain was one of the most incredible sights I've beheld.  Here are a few shots although they, in no way, can capture the true beauty of God's creation.

A Quick Stop in Blacksburg

I love to eat out.  True confessions time.  I've been cooking since about age 8 and I enjoy it, but I seriously love trying new restaurants in places we visit.

After dropping off #3 son at VA Tech, we stopped by the Blacksburg Taphouse.  Our first meal on our grand journey, a journey designed to help me deal.  I didn't think I would have problems with all of my guys out of the house, but you never know.  Our adventure started with a hamburger the size of my husband's head and some delicious sweet potato fries.  The outside deck was lovely, the rain held off, and our server, Anna, was very helpful and patient.  (I've been married 28 years but I never realized it takes Rambling Man eons to decide what he wants to eat.)

I would highly recommend the Taphouse.  We've got 4 years of Tech visits ahead of us. Next time maybe we'll SHARE the enormous hamburger.

Here's the link to the Taphouse.

Resurrecting The Blog

I haven't posted here in years...mostly been living life and doing other things.  We've traveled and seen lots of things but just haven't taken the time to write about them.

Well....that's changing because we are EMPTY NESTERS and the plan is to go places, see things, and keep track of it here.  Welcome back to blogging, Ramblingirl.

College bound. 

Never gonna give you up.....

Dad and #3 son

Mom is smiling even though inside her heart is cracking into pieces. 

Time to hit the road.  See you in Pipestem State Park, West Virginia.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ahh, the Beautiful Beach

Ahh, nothing says vacation like the beach. A place where you go just to be. Once arrived and unpacked you just wander down to the beach and hang out or do a little walk and just enjoy the glory of it. Now you can be a Type A personality at the beach and go fishing, boating, jet skiing, mini-golfing and all the other items, but not us this year. In fact, we didn't do even one of those items (except we did eat go out for seafood when we wanted). Here are some of our pictures from just hanging out at the beautiful beach of Oak Island, NC.

Kids, wife and mom on an evening walk

Kids doing something "constructive" like a sand castle.

The roar of the sea preparing to be "destructive".

A tranquil evening

A walk on the surf

The view from the deck, young'in in front and older kids on beach

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exploring Pickett's Charge

This is not the summer of great adventure for reasons that never materialized, but nonetheless some adventure is being had. First, an old college buddy that I haven't seen since 1983 called and said he would be in D.C. within a week and wanted to get together. Fortunately, I was able to steal a few days away from the office on short notice to re-live old college events in my mind and spend some quality time at great battlefields of the Civil War, Gettysburg and Manassas.

At Gettysburg, nothing would placate my old friend, John Norton, other than to walk the route of General Pickett across the wide open field toward the old Union line. He wanted to see what it would be like to be exposed to cannon fire from Little Roundtop and Cemetery Hill as well as from the Union line straight ahead and try to imagine the high water mark of the Confederacy in the Civil War. I just have to say that it was a good thing they mowed a path because he did seem a bit squeamish at encountering ticks and chiggers in waist high grass. As we crossed the field the excitement seemed to rise. The history was starting to fly fast and furious from my friend. Next thing I knew he as asking me to re-enact. "Scale the fence at the Emmitsburg Road and dodge the fire", he said. "This is where the most intense fire and killing happened". After I dodged the fire and approached the Angle he started shooting toward the Angle and calling me General. "Give me a rebel yell General and lead the charge to the Angle". And just like back in college, here I was doing bizarre things I wouldn't have ordinarily done. I yelled and led the charge. It was great fun!! And I was rewarded by surreptitiously recording this priceless history lesson at the Angle after the culmination of the charge.

History 101 at the Angle in Gettysburg.

Charging to the Angle.

John shoots toward the Angle

The (mowed) path to the Angle

Crossing the Emmitsburg Road

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer 2008, Still Ramblin

We're not going on a cross country tour this summer, but we are checking out some local areas of interest. Check back in with us to see where we go.