Sunday, July 15, 2007

Indiana by midnight

We struggled to get through Chicago yesterday evening. Saturday, 6pm, we figured there would be no rush hour, but we figured wrong. Something big was going on somewhere and we and our little trailer were smack in the middle of it. We had chosen to take 90 right by town, rather than taking the beltway, so perhaps we asked for it, but we wanted to see the cityscape and any ballparks that were visible from the road. We got to see all of that, but in a disappointing way. We were close, but not close enough. We did manage to see the Sears Tower and Comiskey Park, but laugh of laughs, the Sox were playing the Orioles in Baltimore!!! We got out of town, finally, and found an Applebees and watched the Sox/Orioles game on television. The Os were losing, but at the end of 10 innings, the Os take that Chicago!

A detour to take a bathroom break led us to be on the wrong road and an effort to get back to familiar ground and our hotel. John is a great navigator and got us back on track, but by this time it was midnight and we were wiped out! Arriving at the Country Inn and Suites, so ready to collapse, we found that our assigned room consisted of one bed and a roll away. Not enough space for 5 people, so back to the front desk I went to see what I could arrange. Sorry, just one room left and that a smoking room with a king bed. Can you give both to me for one price, I ask, not ready to get testy, but fully prepared to go there if she said no. She thought about it for a minute and gave us both rooms for the one price and we split up...John/me/Jonathan in one room and the rowdy teenagers in the other. I haven't heard anything from them since, but I assume they are still unconscious, lost in dream land.

We may be trashing our plans for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. By the time we leave here and drive 4 hours to Cleveland, the place will be closing. Rock and Rollers closing at 5:30pm???? I thought those guys could party all night! I think we're all getting old!

More later, but I must go help Jonathan pry John from bed to take advantage of the pool.



I looked everywhere for Oprah as we drove by Chicago yesterday. I thought I saw her in a white fancy Cadillac, heading to the same Applebees, but no deal.

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