Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Laundrymats I have known

Back home in Buena Vista, VA, we called them laundrymats, but I've heard them referred to as laundriettes and they more properly should be called laundromats, but I'll stick with what I know.

I've visited three of them since we started out this trek and each one has been quite different. The first was at Lone Duck Campground in Colorado Springs. Small campground, small laundrymat. Not the most updated and modern, but efficient and best of all, empty. I got started on my wash, left for a while, came back to switch over to the dryer and met up with two young men bent on doing their wash before climbing Pike's Peak the next day. Christian was the name of the first young man and I never did get the name of the other. Nice boys from Tennessee, out with a group of fellow climbers, probably great at mountain stuff, but clueless concerning laundry. I asked who had done the laundry in the past and they both replied, "mama", so I stepped in and gave advice on how it should be done. A lot of stress went into "unnamed boy's" choices of Perm Press/cotton/delilcates/etc...I told him he'd better learn something about wash before he went on to East Tennessee State...mama might not always be available to do laundry. These boys were so sweet and nice and I'm happy to say I saw Christian at the summit the next day (despite my woozy spell, I talked to him and congratulated him on his success). Who knows where they are now, but hopefully they've learned to do the wash.

Laundry at the Grand Tetons was a nightmare. No friends there because it was cutthroat. Jockeying for positions at the washer then doing the same for the dryer...felt like I was on the Indy 500 raceway. Finally with the wash in the dryer I was able to chat with a few people and met a great family from Chattanooga and a nice lady from Boston. Not a total washout. ha ha laundry humor.

Now I'm at the laundrymat in Yellowstone. Quiet, plenty of washers/dryers, people are friendly and I've had a few minutes to myself to read, charge the computer, and make some friends. Chuck and Dianne from northern California are the latest laundry friends and I have to say thanks to them for helping pass the time.

Laundry is done, must be folded, and then back to the campground to fix dinner, oh, and start the dirty clothes process all over again


Daddypundit said...

My personal favorite was Dora's "Laundromatic" Isn't it amazing how something as routine as laundry can become an adventure? Glad you all are having fun...can't get used to John with no facial hair.
Love to you all--

ramblin girl said...

I never heard of a laundromatic before. Dora the Explorer or Dora Sorrells? You've got a memory like I don't know what!

TJ said...

Julie wants to know where the rest of the crew was when it came to laundry time? We thought they might have been preparing dinner until we came to your last sentence. It has been great riding along with you guys. Keep On Posting!

Daddypundit said...

Just noticed that you had commented...Sorrells...She always called it the laundromatic. You're the one with the great memory. I just have the odd glitch from time to time.