Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teton Photos

This is the view from our cabin door. If you look close you can see Mt. Moran in the back. Our neighbor's cabin looks remarkably like our own.

Jonathan and Dad took a canoe fishing trip on Jackson Lake, but didn't catch anything. Evan and Aaron took a bike ride along the shore. Poor mom did some much needed laundry.

Mt. Moran from canoe.

North Teton Range at sunset from Signal Mountain Lodge.

Who is that young fisherman?

Oxbow Bend of the Snake River. Saw some beaver here and a moose through the binoculars.

Who is that in the bushes, but Mr. Moose. Got really close to this guy just as we entered the park before we even arrived at our place.

View of the Teton Range from in back of Jackson Lodge.

View of Tetons again from Jackson Lodge. This is the view we get from massive lodge windows while blogging, checking e-mail and sipping coffee. Paula and I enjoyed a quiet breakfast together here this morning in their Pioneer Grill.

View of Tetons from Jackson Lodge

The straight-on view of Mt. Moran from Jackson Lodge great hall.

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Karen said...

This has been a great blog - Chris & I have had fun tracking your progress.

All is well here. Jonathon's fish are fine. Sam loves having a "Bishy" in his room! I think I'm going to have to get him his own "Bishy" before you get back.

Safe travels!

- Karen, Chris, Sam, Joey & Matt