Monday, June 18, 2007


We're on the road, finally, after months of planning and days of packing. Our initial departure time was 7am, but we're approaching 10...behind already. I'm not stressed and everyone has gotten along pretty well so far. I'm sure you're thinking that it's early days yet and the fight is sure to come, and you're right. There's no way 5 people can be in close proximity for 30 days and not have some disagreements, but I have to say, we get along really well. We enjoy each other's company when there are no other distractions and we enjoy new experiences, a combination which is win-win in my opinion.

Our first destination is visiting family and having a cookout and after that we're pressing on. For our younger readers, here's a hint as to where we're headed next. It's in the state north of Tennessee and we'll be underground for a few hours. More hints to come and if you think you may know already, post your answer in the comment section and I'll tell you if you're right:)


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