Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bear Sightings

After eating dinner at Leeks Marina on Jackson Lake, Evan, Aaron, and I were walking back from the car after getting the hackysack so we could play down by the shore of Jackson Lake (because my parents were down there walking). We had walked down the parking lot and were at the edge of the parking spaces near the shore when Aaron said "Hi, bear."

Evan and I looked over at the bushes and about ten feet away saw a brown bear about eight feet long eating the bush. Thankfully a dumpster was in between us and the bear, but we could still see the bear and it could still see us. The bear just continued eating the bush. We ran down to the shore. At the shore Evan and Aaron told a man about the bear while I went to get my parents. The man that Evan and Aaron told got his family out of the car and far away from it(since his car and family were about four parking spaces away from the bear). I got my parents and said "A bear is over in the bush."I pointed over at the bush and my parents were shocked at how close he was.

Meanwhile the bear started moving over towards the parking lot. We followed the bear into the parking lot. My dad got a few pictures (see below). I had gone to warn a couple who had two boys probably under the age of six, and a little girl probably three years old not to go into the parking lot because a bear was in the parking lot. The bear was on the other side of the parking lot by now(but it made a big commotion). Everyone on the restaurant deck was now watching the bear too.
We left the restaurant to go explore the national park and to see other wildlife. A half hour later we got the lakes dam. A few cars were parked and some people were looking and pointing at the other side of the lake. A man said a momma bear and two cubs were on the other side, but had just gone back into the bushes. We just missed them.


This is where my brothers and I were when we saw the bear

This is where the bear was, just on the other side of the dumpster eating grass.

There he goes like he owns the place.

Now he is headed up into the woods. I guess this is what happens when you put a restaurant in the mountain woods.

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Peggy Pignone said...

HI Jonathan!
Danny and I are really enjoying reading about all your adventures! We both were amazed by your bear story (and very happy you didn't become the bear's lunch!) We are looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home!
Have a fun, safe trip! Say hi to your mom!