Friday, June 29, 2007

Photos from Rocky Mtn National Park

I think I managed to find the problem causing the computer to lock-up. I disabled the internal wireless card. No wonder I was having so much trouble accessing local wireless networks. So for now, the computer is stable. Using the air card I was able to download a small photo edit tool to resize the images so I can reasonably upload. If this works, you will now get a small glimpse of some of the grand views plus some of the quirky people too!!

John with the "Go-T" look or whatever this look is called.

John, Jonathan, Paula, Aaron and Evan (from left) with snowcaps in back


At the continental divide. Been across it about 5 or 6 times by now

Family looking at Emerald lake with clouds all arounjd

Our friend the Marmot

Our friend the Marmot sunning on rock

Longs Peak rising out of the clouds.

John with the no facial hair at all look. Some say he looks like Uncle Mike, but kids are calling him Uncle Emil.

Another of John with the "Go-T" look

Evan and John on the summit in the clouds.

Sunset at Estes park

Way cool snow-capped peaks

More way cool snow-capped peaks

Paula gazing at snow-capped peaks

One view from our camp. The other view is equally as cool.

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