Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Initial Estes Park impression

We lamented only seeing the silhouettes of mountains as we came into Estes Park just after sunset last night. The little city all lit up in the little valley was neat, but it is the mountains we came to see. We then headed up the mountain pass to our campground where it was quite dark.

The view from our camp here in Estes in the morning is simply fantastic and the weather again outstanding. The temp is 65 and the humidity 60% and there isn't a cloud in the sky. I will try to upload a picture or two, but bandwidth continues to be a problem. The air card is good for instant messaging and slow for surfing the web, but bearable if you have nothing else to do. Blog posts may become few and far between now as Internet access via the air card seems to be non-existent as we are now away from populated areas such as the Colorado Front Range and next headed to the even less populated areas of the Tetons and Yellowstone in the outer regions of Wyoming. We may now be solely dependent on camp and hotel networks. I am using the single camp computer now as the one we brought doesn't seem to like their wireless network. Sorry, I can't even get my thumb drive accepted on this computer w/o Administrator privileges so again, no pictures can be posted.

We are only 1 mile from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park entrance and looking forward to the views the day has to bring.

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