Saturday, September 10, 2016

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

#EmptyNestAdventures is the new soundtrack in this household, despite the fact that, even though we are indeed empty nesters, we still have responsibilities here at home and traveling is a side item.  But that doesn't stop us from dreaming of new trips and reminiscing of the old ones.

Once we dropped 3# son off at Tech, ate the enormous hamburger, we headed up the road a bit to Pipestem State Park.  Years ago, when I was pregnant with #3 son, we stayed in the lodge there and the following summer when 3# son was cruising the furniture, we rented a rustic (very rustic) cabin for a week.  So, my husband suggested we return and kind of close a circle.

I have to say I was sorely disappointed at the state of the lodge.  Our room was ok, the view was spectacular, but the lodge itself was run down and in a state of aging disrepair.  In some ways it was sweet since the game room had the SAME GAMES that were in place 18 years ago and I could look back over the years and remember how much the boys enjoyed playing there.  But needs an update.

After the big lunch we had, we weren't all that interested in dinner but checked out the facilities and the prices anyway, just for the info.  29$$ for the buffet.  No way, no how was I spending that so we made other plans and went for a walk on the golf course.  It had been raining....pouring actually, but it had stopped leaving the air cool and misty.  No one was about, just us, the deer, and a lone turkey which Ramblin Man tried to cozy up to.  I have video somewhere.

I'm glad we went.  I can't imagine going again but the hills are always beautiful and the sunset after the rain was one of the most incredible sights I've beheld.  Here are a few shots although they, in no way, can capture the true beauty of God's creation.

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