Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Quick Stop in Blacksburg

I love to eat out.  True confessions time.  I've been cooking since about age 8 and I enjoy it, but I seriously love trying new restaurants in places we visit.

After dropping off #3 son at VA Tech, we stopped by the Blacksburg Taphouse.  Our first meal on our grand journey, a journey designed to help me deal.  I didn't think I would have problems with all of my guys out of the house, but you never know.  Our adventure started with a hamburger the size of my husband's head and some delicious sweet potato fries.  The outside deck was lovely, the rain held off, and our server, Anna, was very helpful and patient.  (I've been married 28 years but I never realized it takes Rambling Man eons to decide what he wants to eat.)

I would highly recommend the Taphouse.  We've got 4 years of Tech visits ahead of us. Next time maybe we'll SHARE the enormous hamburger.

Here's the link to the Taphouse.

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