Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ahh, the Beautiful Beach

Ahh, nothing says vacation like the beach. A place where you go just to be. Once arrived and unpacked you just wander down to the beach and hang out or do a little walk and just enjoy the glory of it. Now you can be a Type A personality at the beach and go fishing, boating, jet skiing, mini-golfing and all the other items, but not us this year. In fact, we didn't do even one of those items (except we did eat go out for seafood when we wanted). Here are some of our pictures from just hanging out at the beautiful beach of Oak Island, NC.

Kids, wife and mom on an evening walk

Kids doing something "constructive" like a sand castle.

The roar of the sea preparing to be "destructive".

A tranquil evening

A walk on the surf

The view from the deck, young'in in front and older kids on beach

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